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AstralPool Viron Connect System

The Astral Viron Connect is to the swimming pool what home automation is to the modern home. Download an app to your smart phone to allow you to control your pool from anywhere in the house, or around the world. Astral Pool is Norfolk Pools preferred supplier of high quality filtration systems.

PCC 2000 In Floor Cleaning and Circulation System

This is the ultimate cordless in-floor automated cleaning system. The PCC2000 system is the most reliable and effective in-floor cleaner on the market and is Norfolk Pools’ choice for premium pool systems.

Astral Viron gas animation

Astral Viron gas heaters are perfect for your spa needs. Norfolk Pool’s gas heater of choice for spa pools is the Viron 250.

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating

Sunbather Solar is the oldest and most respected pool solar heating system in Australia. Sunbather is the preferred supplier of Norfolk Pools for your heating and pool cover needs.

Sunbather Pool Covers

Sunbather pool covers are one of the leaders in the industry and a preferred supplier of Norfolk Pools.

Astral Viron Pump

Norfolk Pools’ preferred supplier for filtration is Astral Pool. Here you can see the benefits of using a multi-speed pump on your pool, saving power and money.

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