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Relaxing spa pools in Brisbane

A spa can enhance your entire pool experience as an entertainment showpiece or a touch of private luxury.

Spas can be built in combination with the pool and create a seamless transition between two divine aquatic experiences, raised and combined with an overflow into the pool, or constructed separately to add multiple artistic elements to your landscape.

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Project – Murrarie

Norfolk Pools Murrarie Project 06
Natural stone finishes to this custom design give the perfect complement to the house. The attention to detail in all stages of the build has given this owner a beautiful pool that has created an eye-catching element to the property at all times of day. Completed with a Pentair easy controller, this pool and spa combination can be operated from anywhere inside the pool or house, operating the lights, heating, spa plus a pH controller means the pool is maintenance-free and ready to enjoy at any moment.

Project – Wooloowin

Norfolk Pools Woolwoowin Project 01

The owner’s brief was “Design me something that I can swim in, the kids can play in, and the adults can lounge in. It has to be architecturally appealing and suit the restored Queenslander.” Our customer had purchased the property but hadn’t settled the purchase, so Norfolk Pools couldn’t access the property to inspect the access, levels or dimensions, so it had to be assessed from council records and the Internet. After several concept designs and changes after settlement, the pool was a pleasing result.

Gold Award - Spa Pool Combination

Project – Broadbeach

Norfolk Pools Broadbeach Project 01

This pool is completed with the addition of a seamlessly integrated spa, making this an ideal design for both leisure and fitness. It allows the owner to swim laps, splash around with the family, entertain guests or take time out to relax in the spa all in the comfort and privacy of their own resort-style home. With a Viron gas heater, the spa is useable within minutes of deciding to enjoy the view from the pool.

Silver Award – Domestic Lap Pool

Bronze Award - Domestic Concrete Pool –
Traditional or Geometric under $50,000

Project – Redland Bay

Norfolk Pools Redland Bay Project 01

A spectacular little plunge pool on the waterfront, this beautifully built spa and pool combination allows the owner to cool off in the warmer months and enjoy a relaxing spa outside even in the cooler months. The natural stone incorporated with the rendered walls and tiled water feature set the tone on this contemporary design.

National Silver Award – Geometric pool under $50,000

Gold Award - Domestic Concrete Pool –
Traditional or Geometric under $50,000

Merit Award – Courtyard Plunge Pool

Project – Ashgrove

Norfolk Pools Ashgrove Project 01
This beautiful little spa pool combination is a great family pool. The spa accommodates the adults, and a good swimming area is wide enough for the kids to play or relax on the ample seating within the pool to cool off on those hot summer days.

Project – Paddington

Norfolk Pools Paddington Project 01

Our client came to us with his ideas to build a pool that would fit with the multiple levels of his backyard and add value to his property without looking out of place with his Queenslander home.

Gold award – Domestic Freeform Pool $35,000-$75,000 – Spa connected to
a swimming pool

Gold Award – Domestic Freeform concrete pool $35,000 to $75,000

Bronze Award - Domestic Spa Pool combination

Project – Albany Creek

A stunning black marble cube that overflows on all four sides into a river rock catchment pond, this stand-alone spa is a gorgeous addition to the resort-style pool.

National Gold Award – Residential Freeform Concrete Pool over $100,000

Gold Award
– Domestic Concrete Freeform Pool –
over $75,000 up to $130,000

Gold Award – Pool lighting feature

Bronze Award – Domestic Water Feature

Spa Pools
Spa Pool

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