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Norfolk Pools prides itself on our attention to detail, no matter what size the project. Whether you are looking for a quality family-friendly backyard pool or a showpiece for your new home, we have the pool services necessary to make your pool dreams come true.

You will be reassured by the vast experience of our team and delighted by the quality workmanship engineered into our Brisbane concrete pools. Buying and building a Norfolk concrete swimming pool is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Design – Construct – Landscape

Norfolk Pools offers a pool design service through our associate business, Elegance Pool Design and Consultation. We can handle every aspect of developing your pool paradise, coordinating all trades necessary to create your desired look without any hassle. Alternatively, we can simply build the pool. The choice is yours, and we are always happy to work in with our clients’ needs. Our design process will present you with a quality 3D concept helping you to visualise your new pool down to the smallest details.

To give you the best design possible, we ask that you have site plans of your property, a footprint of the house, drainage plans for sewer/stormwater lines, and, if available, contour plans. Any additional information is always helpful. After discussing your ideas and what you would like to achieve with your pool and landscaping as well as budgets, we can develop a concept in 3D that will help you visualise the finished look. A good starting budget for your standard 7m x 3m in-ground concrete pool is $30,000-35,000, and with finishing touches for some hard landscaping and fencing, the average spend is $50,000 and upwards. Machinery access, sloping properties, and the finishes you choose in and around the pool will influence this sum.

After many years in the industry, we have streamlined our construction process but we take no shortcuts. We use highly skilled excavator operators, form workers, and tilers that provide a quality finish. We have a lot of faith in our personnel, and many of them have been working with us for years.

Engineering, council approval and construction takes approximately 12 weeks, depending on the size of the project. Any additional landscaping extends the program.

Norfolk Pools with water feature

Stage 1

The construction process begins with the lodgement and approval of plans, engineering drawings, followed by coordinating a site meeting to mark out the pool and arrange a suitable excavation time and date. The excavation stage is generally a five to eight hours, and may involve an excavator, trucks, and bobcat.
Norfolk Pools Quality Construction

Stage 2

Formwork is erected to the outside perimeter of the shape, followed by placement of the steel reinforcing to form a steel mat throughout the pool. The skimmer box and primary plumbing i.e. provision for pool returns, heating, lights, cleaners, fountains, etc. are placed in position prior to concreting (approx. one to two days work, subject to site conditions).

Pumping and spraying the concrete shell involves a concrete pump parked on the street with concrete trucks backed onto the pump, pumping the concrete through steel pipes to the pool area. The concrete is sprayed onto the walls and floor, and hand-shaped to form the pool shell (approx. five hours work). The shell needs to cure for two to three weeks but while the shell is curing, you can select the pool tiles and coping materials so we can prepare for the next stage.

Stage 3

Placement of your selected tiles and coping will take about one to two days, subject to the materials and designs chosen. At this point, feature walls, retaining walls, extra paving and decking, and hard structures such as gazebos can be started, and time frames will vary depending on the volume and complexity of the work. This is the time for electricians and other trades to come in and put the finishing touches on your pool and surrounds. Fencing is a critical event in finishing your pool. The pool cannot be filled with water until a fence inspector approves the fencing. Due to the nature of internal pool finishes it is essential to fill the pool as much as possible after the interior finish is applied. Having your fence installer organised will help keep the process moving. After filling the pool we will commission the filtration and install salt and chemicals to balance the water. Reaching the correct balance takes approximately a week, after which we will show you how to operate and maintain your pool. Then you are ready for swimming!

Often the wow factor comes with the finishing touches; it’s the landscaping and surrounds that will bring your pool to life. We put just as much careful consideration into the space around your pool as the pool itself. In conjunction with the pool build, we can help with water and lighting features, retaining walls, paving, decking, and gazebos to any scale. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

Norfolk Pools Premium Quality

Premium pool services

Norfolk Pools is a Qld Premium Pool Builder, building beautiful pool scapes for over 40 years. In conjunction with extraordinary service, and incorporating the latest technology in automated equipment and accessories, our pool services include:

  • 3D pool design
  • Personalised construction and project management of the whole project
  • Deal directly with Jim Vansleve (licensed pool builder and principal of Norfolk Pools)
  • Fully automated equipment including PCC2000 in-floor cleaning, touch screen controls or iPad app control systems, energy-saving filtration, and automatic roll-out pool covers
  • Exceptional award-winning gold class service 
“I guarantee to build your pool, on time, on budget with guaranteed quality and service!“

For more information about our full range of pool services, call Norfolk Pools on  1300 655 036 .

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